Grooming Tips

From Our Groomers

  • Brush your pet out at least once a week
  • Do not bathe your pet if it has matted fur.  This only makes matting worse
  • Regular grooming keeps a healthier coat.
  • Trim your pets nails every few weeks.
  • Use only pet shampoos
  • Train your puppy early by playing with their paws, face, and ears. 
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Grooming Services

Creature Comforts Kennels pet grooming services are available by appointment on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  You may schedule a grooming appointment along with your pets boarding stay, or as a separate visit.  Vaccination requirements for grooming are:  Current Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella Vaccinations.  

Our grooming staff will discuss with you how you would like your pet to be groomed, and give advice with any questions you may have.  For non-boarding groom appointments, drop offs are typically scheduled between 8:00 am - 8:30 am during the week, and at 9:00 am on the weekend.

Grooming appointments book up quickly, especially on Friday and Saturday, as well as around holidays.  Many breeds are typically groomed every 6 - 8 weeks.  If it is convenient for you, it is advised to go ahead and make your next groom appointment the day you bring your pet to ensure your grooming reservation.  You may even make multiple appointments in advance.