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So often small businesses across the world are faced with unwarranted negative reviews intended to do harm to their business and lively hood.  Often the complaint can be resolved with mutual understanding and discussion of the issue.  However, complaints that make it online, are often never brought to our attention, and/or are unfounded and intentionally misleading.   We are committed to protecting our reputation as a company that prides itself on great service, but we will not be bullied by online reviews and trolls.  It's time to bring  their misrepresentations to light.  Therefore, this page is devoted to the truth.  

In response to Review by Kyle Nguyen on 6/3/2018:

Absolutely incorrect!  This is a gross fabrication and misrepresentation of your pets visit. They informed you that the dog was having hair loss and possibly a skin infection going on and that you needed to see the vet. Most often, pets who have skin infections have an odor—even after bathing. Odor is very indicative of infection. If we’ve given great service all this time, that would not all the sudden change. The groomer even discussed these issues with you as well. Your dog needs medical attention for skin problems and hair loss. This is absolutely no reflection on the groomer, facility, or lack of care/concern. Evidently because the hair had grown out longer prior to this groom, you hadn’t noticed the hair loss underneath until the service was provided; however the issue was already evident to those of us in the profession. The groomer did the best she could with the coat and skin condition the way it was. There are more serious issues going on with the health of your pet. Hopefully you will heed our advice and seek treatment for your pet and remove this poor review once a vet has reaffirmed what we have expressed to you. It’s sad that we are are only trying to advocate for your pets health and well-being, discuss the issues with you, and you attack us in this manner. Please have your pet seen by the vet. Best of luck in treatment for your pet and your search for a new groomer. 

Image shows the alopecia (hairloss) and abrasions from scratching/chewing.  Both common symptoms of untreated skin infections and/or allergies.  Our groomer did her best with what she had to work with.  Nothing our groomer did was responsible for the condition of the pet. 

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